Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The Introduction to the Eames Lounger

I love this. Worth the double feature. When was the last time you tuned in for the much anticipated debut of a new chair? I guess now a days it more like getting excited when you see the new ikea catalog in your mail box.
The Eames Lounger continues to be an iconic chair. My Step Dad has had three versions of it as he has climbed the ladder of success. 1st was a pretty good and very cheap knock off somewhat busted but when you saw it in the corner of the room you knew what it was really supposed to be. (That is the one I have now.) 2nd a much nicer but still not real lounger while we lived in New York and he started writing for 30 Rock. 3rd The real thing! and above it a gorgeous Nelson Bubble lamp. Now when I see that 1st knock off in my living room I am reminded that you can always get what you want and have the life you want. It may take time but if you trust and go for it - you'll get there. Maybe some day I will have my own real Eames Lounger but I think I'd rather have a dining set of Eifel chairs (metal please). hehehe But of course I will take both.

This video definitely has a heavy dose of sexism but I just love watching Charles and Ray look at each other. I love the secrets of relationships.

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Cathy said...

I love them! Thanks for posting that- cool is forever.


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