Monday, September 28, 2009

Amazing tattoos/art

I used to work on LA ink and I have seen some pretty great tattoo work from those kids. My mind was constantly blown away at the work Kat, Cory, Hannah and Kim would produce. The portraits Kat VonD could ink out in two hours were stunning. But I have to say after a while pin-ups and memorial portraits, no matter how beautiful, start to get a little run of the mill, if you will. I used to wonder "what is the next level in tattooing?" Tattoos used to be so controversial but now even the sweet crafty girl next door has her chest covered in a sewing notions dream scape.
And then i happened upon Amanda Wachob. Currently taking appointments at Dare Devil tattoo in NYC and having had her other art work shown in galleries around New York, Amanda has brought it to the next level. Her abstact and modern tattoos are stunning works of art filled with color and emotion. They are lively and playful and dang it! I want one!!!


.:*aMbAr*:. said...

WOW!!! They're definitely something different. I really like the one in the neck/shoulder.

and you worked at LA INK? How F cool!!! aghhh

Leen Isabel said...

My god, those birds on her collarbone are gorgeous! <3


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