Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Cross your fingers for me

I am talking a lot about Dana and her brilliant wedding blog Broke Ass Bride this week and there is good reason - She just started her much anticipated Wedding in a Week give away contest!!! Dana has been talking about this and tweeting it for sometime now. She has also been working her broke Ass off organizing and getting all these great vendors to get on board. From Boudoir photos sessions by Hazelnut Photography and sexy underthings to Princess Laserton Button bouquets, Veils and Favors. You name it - if it is wedding then there is probably a chance to win it this week on BAB!
I just entered for my chance to win a Custom Couture Wedding Gown!!!!! Fo reals y'all!! As Dana said "It ain't even luxe for less, it's Fly for Free". All I had to do was check out the Custom Couture Bridal site and pick out my favorite gown, then leave a commet on BAB. Easy. now my fingers are crossed so tight they are cramping.

I was torn between two. Here are my picks!

1. Cassandra Ballerina - I choose this one cause I totally dig the tulle skirt. Reminds me of those MGM musicals i used to watch when i stayed home from school sick. I was never really sick I just liked watching musicals. I would probably shorted the gown to more of a tea length so I could show off some sweet expensive shoes. Since my dress would be free I cold splurge on my shoes.

2. London Gown in Silky silver taffeta - I adore this dress! It is so much like the dress I fell in love with months ago only to find out it was actually in London and not in my size. The color is stunning and, I find, so unexpected as a wedding gown. I love it also becuase it has that old Hollywood Glamour feel. I thnk with my hair being platinum I could really rock this look in a sophisicated modern/vintage way. I would lose the sparkly straps and just go strapless. My bridesmaids could be in bright lush colors. Oh I love it!!!

PS- even if I did not win these dresses are so totally affordable. I am super glad to know about the place eitherway.


.:*aMbAr*:. said...

I love her blog!! Even though I don't want a wedding LOL!!!! But these two dresses are fab!!! I hope you win them :)

Teenie said...

Ooo!!! Good luck! Lovely choices Khali <3
(crossing fingers and toes)


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