Wednesday, September 16, 2009

She Wolf

I am obsessed with this song. I am very surprised at that. The video is insane and i think Shakira is as well. But either way she is stunning to look at and watch move around...especially in a cage.
My favorite part is the awkwardly weird howl noise she makes. I find it a little creepy but I love making the sound myself. Sometimes I just make that sound at random.

The official video would not let me post it. lame. but I have this one so you can at least see it right away.

Worth watching just for the in your face sexual middle finger with huge fake nail in her mouth. hahaha


Anonymous said...

this is actually a sweet jam. it's like the latin girl version of thriller. it's catchy as hell ta boot.

and the howl. that is something. i can't wait for the next time i see you so i can experience the glory of your rendition in person!

Teenie said...

Woweywow! There is a club in Hollywood ( where the girls dance like that in cages... just saying :)
This girl can move! And I too would like to hear your She Wolf howl =P


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