Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Faux Real!!!

I don't even know where to begin. Kelty at Steep Street has done it again. IT being - blown my F-ING mind all over the place. This time she did it with her sister too.
Hannha, Kelty's twin sis, and Alex just got married and I want everything about it!
Not only did Hannah looks stunning with her fire red hair and fresh flowers tuck in there but she also adorned a stunning green and white dress. That is the best of both worlds right there. Her jewelry was amazing too. Let's face it - she is a knock out! And Alex with all his style and color combo being a perfect fit - genius.

The knock out punch was delivered in the form of a wedding favor. Play list cd as wedding favor is not new but the way H+A do it...give me a break! H+A made an album of covers recorded and arranged by themselves brilliantly titled "Faux Real". H+A did a photoshoot in their wedding attire with Kelty and then had her design album covers. "They described what they wanted as "Elementary School meets Vogue meets Warhol meets Secret Agent meets Soap Opera". Kelty's brilliance goes far beyond just taking a stunning photo. She is a true artist and proves it again with these stunning covers. How gorgeous would these be as framed gig style posters as a wedding shot rather than a stuffy pose?

Listen to these sweet covers by H+A. Rock Out!
Time After Time
Our Lips are Sealed


Kelty said...

sweet post!! silly, i know, but i thought i'd mention her dress was green and buttercup yellow, not white... the bottom half was actually stained yellow with onion peel dye! pretty rad. can't wait to see you!

Broke-ass Bride said...

DAMNIT KHALI. Now I am a lesbian. Great. How do I explain to husband?
srsly. that lady is so gorg!

alishaneva said...

What an awesome post! Such a neat, creative, and original idea to record their own versions of the songs - and they look amazing!!

Anonymous said...

where on earth is the dress from!? I love love love it!!


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