Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Blind Pig

Do you know what a Blind Pig is or a Blind Tiger? I sure did not until I started looking into Speakeasies. Potsch and I are real keen on the idea of a sort of wedding speakeasy not only cause the style of the time was so cool but also cause our relationship was a secret for a while. So, we figure it's a fun idea that just makes sense.
Back to a blind Pig - according to Wikipedia:

"The term blind pig (or blind tiger) originated in the United States in the 1800s; it was applied to establishments that sold alcoholic beverages illegally. The operator of an establishment (such as a saloon or bar) would charge customers to see an attraction (such as an animal) and then serve a “complimentary” alcoholic beverage, thus circumventing the law.

“In desperate cases it has to betake itself to the exhibition of Greenland pigs and other curious animals, charging 25 cents for a sight of the pig and throwing in a gin cocktail gratuitously.”[2]

The difference between a speakeasy and a blind pig was that a speakeasy was usually a higher-class establishment that offered food, music, or entertainment, or even all three. In large cities, some speakeasies even required a coat and tie for men, and evening dress for women. But a blind pig was usually a low-class dive where only beer and liquor were offered."

huh, who knew? I certainly learned a cool new term today.

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