Monday, September 28, 2009

Broke Ass Bride as my Paper Doll

I have been working on a fashion post for Broke Ass Bride Dana for quite some time now. It has taken me forever cause I have just not been happy with it. I kept feeling like Dana deserves more and prettier. Well today, thanks to Janie's blog contest cat dress polyvore entry, I decided i wanted to start makin' stuff on polyvore too! Call me lame if you want but sometimes I get so focused on visuals that I miss the words completely. I love polyvore! So pretty and fun and creative but I always just figured these people has tons of time to play on photoshop and search online gathering a bit of literally everything for their polyvore posts. Well, again, thanks to Janie, I found out polyvore has made it almost too easy to lose your life getting addicted to Fashion look collages.
This was my answer to my BAB fashion post.
I present you with Wealthy Wife Dana - a collection of "money is not an issue" items inspired by the successful business vintage modern woman and wife that is Dana.

For those who are working their way up to "money is not an issue" anything, here is the Broke Ass Bride under $50 also inspired by the always stylish and always successful Dana.


Broke-ass Bride said...

With all that turquoise, mustard and orange, you know your Dana-style very well!

I'm off to stalk all these things and find ways to make them mine. What a fun post, thank you honey!

Janie said...

Hey, that's me! :)
These are so cute. I particularly love the left outfit in the "Broke Ass Bride" polyvore. I'm excited to do some autumn shopping now!


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