Saturday, September 12, 2009

Cool or not so cool?

I have never been the kind of lady who goes all out for holidays but I
have noticed as I get older and think about having a family of my own
someday I do notice the desire to collect for nostalgic purposes. But
does that desire warrent a nutcracker for every year?
I found this display at Target today and was thrust into confusion.
Not only is the the army general and skeleton and policeman nutcracker
there is also the turkey, the rockstar, the pirate and the skater.
What do they have to do with Christmas? I am alittle ok with extending
the cracker to thanksgiving time but halloween? And just plain everyday?
These soldiers of breaking are also embossed with the year 2009. So, I
guess you are supposed to collect them? Otherwise in 2014 people will
know that you have old stuff which is not vintage enough to be cool.
While I stood there with Potsch playing with the nut puppets and
chatting about how obsurd I found this another couple came up. The
female was giddy while grabbing the army cracker "Oh! We have to get
this for Pam and Bob!" I left after that even more confused.
Any thought?


Anonymous said...

i used to be proud i bought clothes at target.... their designer labels exclusively for, by isaac mizrahi, sigerson morrison.... or even the occasional mossimo (i confess!).

these -- (although they may be catagorized as 'seasonal home goods,' shelved on the opposite end of the store) -- make me doubt everything.

targets credibility just took a dive.

Kate said...

I will have you know that Kris has a nut cracker collection for the Holidays! He is also looking to create a Christmas Village


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