Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Nostalgic obsession

I realized that I have started using the word obsession a lot lately.
I think that is a good thing. Sometimes the world is filled with many
thing you can like and sometimes it has thing you can not live with
out. I just happen to be in that world right now.

I was born in North Carolina, home of hush puppies and sweet tea. As
far as I am concerned You can't get em better anywhere. Unfortunately
you can't even get em as good anywhere in California at all. But
recently I was quite throaty and perusing the aisles of my local
fresh&easy and I found this- Sweet Iced Tea. I have fallen for this
false advertising before. Companys promising you the most amazing
southern sweet tea only to pop that top and fooled by what tastes more
like a cleaning product. Damn that lying cartoon old lady. But I
decided to give it a try. AMAZING!!!! It taste just like the sweet tea
at my favorite restaurant in NC -Bullocks.
I am now a junky for this stuff. Do yourself a favor and the next time
you are parched stop by a fresh&easy and reward yourself for being

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Anonymous said...

i like that fish


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